Sana Hastakala

Sana Hastakala

Sana Hastakala empowers marginalized craft producers through traditional skills and modern techniques, fostering income generation. 

We offer business and community development programs, selling high-quality crafts locally and globally via Fair Trade Practices to enhance socio-economic conditions.

Sana Hastakala empowers underprivileged artisans through business and community programs. We aim to uplift their socio-economic condition. Our focus is on selling high-quality traditional crafts in national and international markets. We adhere to fair trade practices.

Founded in 1989 with UNICEF backing, Sana Hastakala now thrives as a self-sufficient NGO promoting Nepalese handicrafts. Based in Lalitpur, Nepal, it boasts a dedicated in-house team and 1200+ producers, embodying growth beyond its 1989 vision.

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